Temperature Control November 2016 New Product Highlight

13 / Dec / 2016

Dear Valued Customers,

Please kindly find attached Unipoint "New Product Highlights" for Nov. 2016, featuring
our newest products for Temperature Control Line.

We would like to introduce to you our new units for various Blower Motors, BLDC Heating
Blowers, and High performance Axial Fan. Please see below summary.

Blower Motor
There are six new numbers –BM-4316W, BM-4416W, BM-4106W, BM-054AW, BM-4502AW,
and BM-977W are available.

BLDC Heating Blowers
There are one new number – BB-11214 is available.

High performance Axial Fan
There are three new numbers - EF-5063A, EF-4006B, and EF-4006D are available.

Please refer to the detailed application info from the News.

Find the detailed specification & car applications from our Unipoint News #123. Also, all the
relevant information have been updated to our website :

All these products are now ready for production & can be included in your new orders.
Thank you for your business & support!

Best Regards,

Unipoint Customer Service